Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Latin Mass in the Vendee

A report kindly submitted by Clifton LMS members Ken and Carol Reis:

 Do you holiday in the Vendee region of France?  If so, you may be interested in learning that during the months of July through to September a Latin Mass is celebrated every Sunday in Les Sables-d'Olonne.   The Mass is held in the Chapelle du Sacre Coeur at 10.00 am.  Parking is available at the Chapelle.

The Masses which are now in their second year are celebrated by three priests, one of whom is Fr Bede Rowe who hails from the Clifton Diocese and is currently on secondment at Chavagnes International College.  Fr Rowe was invited to participate by Mgr Castet, the Bishop of Lucon.

The Chapel was originally the hospital chapel of La Sagesse sisters.  The  Chapel is now in regular use by the Parish to provide the Latin Mass at the behest of Mgr Castet.  The La Sagesse sisters and the Parish have provided the relics, altar cards and candles.  The mainly French congregation have also contributed magnificently as can be seen by the photo.  There is even a set of portable communion rails!

The Latin Mass has a distinctive French flavour.  A Rosary is said before the Mass and a small choir accompanies the Mass as the Gloria and Creed are sung along with some hymns. 

It is hoped that the Masses will continue and it is anticipated that from October onwards there will be Masses on the first and last Sundays of each month at the same time of 10.00 am.  For further information please e-mail lesamisdelachapelle@free.fr

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