Saturday, 15 February 2014

Roman Forum - LMS sponsorship for young people

The LMS is offering sponsorship for two young people (18-35) to attend the Roman Forum’s annual symposium at Lake Gardone in northern Italy this summer. Originally the brainchild of the late Dietrich von Hildebrand and in recent years organised by Dr John Rao (who spoke at our last One-Day Conference), this eleven-day event has an impressive line-up of international speakers that would be of great interest to Catholics sympathetic to the Traditional Mass. Full details of the event can be seen on the LMS website here:



The headline cost of the event is Euro 2100. The LMS is offering two bursaries of £500 each towards this cost. However, from our talks with the event organisers, we understand that they would be prepared to bring the price for our two sponsored places down further (they haven’t specified a figure yet). So please could you spread the word to anyone between 18 and 35 whom you think might be interested?


Thank you very much.

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