Monday, 10 November 2014

Pictures of Sung Requiem Mass for the Honour of The Holy Souls, Holy Cross Church, Bedminster

Pictures of the Sung Requiem Mass in honour of The Holy Souls held at Holy Cross Church, Bedminster, Bristol.  The subdued lighting within the Church, combined with the flickering candles at the Altar and moving music provided by the David Bates singers made this a very atmospheric Mass.  The Celebrant was Fr Philip Thomas, Deacon, Fr Alex Redman and Sub-Deacon Fr Jean-Patrice Coulon.  Charles Atchley was the MC and there were seven Altar servers.  Fr Philip in his homily urged us to remember to pray for the souls of the departed, especially deceased family members.

With apologies for the poor quality of the pictures – the camera was unable to cope with the low lighting.

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