Wednesday 26 November 2014

Clifton Diocese Mass Timings - December 2014

Please see below Mass timings for Clifton Diocese in December 2014.

Holy Cross Church,

Dean Lane, Bedminster,


Sundays                                                                          12.30pm              Low Mass

1st Wednesdays                                                            6.30pm                Low Mass

Thursday 25 December Christmas Day                    9.00am                Low Mass

St Gregory's,

10 Saint James' Square,


 1st Wednesdays                                                            7.00pm                Low Mass


Prinknash Abbey,

CRANHAM, Gloucestershire,


1st Sundays                                                         3.00pm                Low Mass

Saturdays[1]                                                       11.00am              Low Mass

St Dominic's,

Jubilee Road, DURSLEY,


GL11 4ES

Sundays[2]                                                                                    5.30pm                Low Mass

Mondays & Tuesdays                                                                 9.00am                Low Mass

Wednesdays to Saturdays incl.                                                8.00am                Low Mass


Our Lady of Glastonbury,

Magdalene Street,


Somerset, BA6 9EJ

3rd Sundays                                                                                  12.30pm              Low Mass

St Benedict's,




1st Sundays                                                                                   11.15am              Low Mass


Our Lady & St Kenelm,


Gloucestershire, GL54 1DR

Saturdays[3]                                                                                     10.00am              Low Mass

Thursday 25 December Christmas Day                                      11.30am              Low Mass


St George's,

Boreham Road,


Wiltshire, BA12 9JP

Saturday 13 December[4]                                                             9.30am                Low Mass


Ss Joseph & Teresa,

16 Chamberlain Street,

WELLS, Somerset,


Tuesdays[5]                                                                                      6.00pm                Low Mass


Our Lady of Lourdes,

28 Baytree Road,


BS22 8HQ

Thursday 4th December                                                            9.30am                Low Mass

Wednesday 24th December Christmas Eve                          Midnight             Low Mass

Sunday 28th December                                                             11.30am              Low Mass

The Holy Ghost,

73 Higher Kingston,                       

YEOVIL, Somerset,

BA21 4AR

Fridays                                                                                            6.00pm                Low Mass


Holy Redeemer,

Fotherby Crescent,

SALISBURY, Wiltshire,


Saturday 27th December                                                          11.30am              Low Mass

[1] Phone Fr Damian on 07742 659106 to confirm before travelling.
[2] Missa Cantata first Sunday of each month.
[3] Phone 01451 830431 to confirm before travelling.
[4] Please check with Parish Office on 01985 212329.
[5] Phone 01749 673183 to confirm before travelling.

Friday 21 November 2014

Pictures of Sacrament of Confirmation in the Traditional Rite & Pontifical Benediction at St James's Church, London

On Saturday, 15 November at St James’s Church, Spanish Place, London at 11:30 am a Sacrament of Confirmation in Traditional Rite and Pontifical Benediction was conferred by Rt Rev John Arnold, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster.  There were twenty four candidates, most of them young people.  During his address to the candidates the Bishop stressed that this was not the end of the journey but the start of a new life filled with the Holy Spirit.

After the service there was a get together in the Church Hall for the candidates and their families and friends with lunch provided.  The Bishop gathered the newly confirmed together and cut a large celebratory cake.

Lottie Harvey-Craig from the parish of Woodchester in the Clifton Diocese was one of the candidates.  Lottie has attended the Latin Masses at Dursley on a regular basis for a number of years and has benefited greatly from the spiritual guidance given to her by Fr Alex Redman.

Amongst her family and friends was Carrie Stribbling who at the tender young age of 100 had travelled with her son, Mike, to see Lottie confirmed.  Carrie who was a 100 on 19 October is Woodchester born and bred but moved to Nympsfield upon marriage.

Photo taken by Mike Lord
Photo taken by Mike Lord

Lemon Drizzle cake made by the sister of Sara Harvey-Craig

Lottie with Carrie


Monday 10 November 2014

Pictures of Sung Requiem Mass for the Honour of The Holy Souls, Holy Cross Church, Bedminster

Pictures of the Sung Requiem Mass in honour of The Holy Souls held at Holy Cross Church, Bedminster, Bristol.  The subdued lighting within the Church, combined with the flickering candles at the Altar and moving music provided by the David Bates singers made this a very atmospheric Mass.  The Celebrant was Fr Philip Thomas, Deacon, Fr Alex Redman and Sub-Deacon Fr Jean-Patrice Coulon.  Charles Atchley was the MC and there were seven Altar servers.  Fr Philip in his homily urged us to remember to pray for the souls of the departed, especially deceased family members.

With apologies for the poor quality of the pictures – the camera was unable to cope with the low lighting.